Project Description

Day Hikes And Scenic Tours

With many acres of scenic terrain in the area we offer activities like day hikes and scenic tours. All our activities are crafted to satisfy your appetite for adventure no matter what the experience level.


Day hikes are the most popular way of enjoying the nature without straining your pocket. This activity does not require any costly equipment but it is the easiest way to get out and explore the surroundings.

If you have never been in the southwest mountains or maybe you have but you’ve only visited from the sit of your car then you want to join us and let us show you what lies beyond the concrete highways. We’ll be traveling by foot over rocky terrain, crossing mountain tops and reaching lakes far beyond the eyes can see from any paved road.

We tailor every tour to match the group’s or individual’s skill level for the best experience. You have a destination in mind? Bring your idea to us and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Transportation available for small groups.


These are very popular with photographers, especially in the fall when the leafs are changing and you don’t know where to go for that perfect shot. We’ll be traveling by off-road vehicle and by foot in most cases. Our professional guides have years of experience behind the camera.

The tours are not limited to fall, we do them year round. We could lead you to some beautiful lakes and flower fields in the summer, some snow covered picks in the winter or perhaps some blooming aspens in the spring.

So, if you want to see more than just the main street in Durango book a trip with us today. We will make sure you’ll impress your friends and family with some fresh pics from your adventure in southwest Colorado.