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Kayak Rentals And Tours

We offer clean kayak rental equipment, paddleboard or even canoe rental to explore the waters around Durango.


Looking to go to Vallecito Reservoir for a good time on the water? We got you covered! Kayak rental is available all summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, wright on the water. You could find us at the north end of the lake, a few miles past the marina. Follow the green signs to the location.

We have tandem kayak rental, sit-on-top kayaks and sit inside kayaks. All rentals come with lifejackets and paddles to keep you above water. You can rent by the hour or day. See our prices below. In some cases, we can make special provisions for extended use of our equipment. Our kayak rental equipment is available for pick-up, we can deliver it or simply just use it at the location.

We are happy to provide kayaks and paddleboards to customers who want to have equipment for several days or more like cottagers and campers at Vallecito or Lemon Reservoir. All deliveries at these locations are at no extra cost.

Kids equipment is also available so you could enjoy a day on the water with the entire family or have a birthday party for them along with their friends.


We offer kayak tours and classes for all skill levels during the season. You can find more information and check availability through our social media or simply just call us. Online booking available.

Reservations are welcomed for all our rentals and tours.

Prices include paddle and lifejacket. Please contact us for more information.


Kayak Full Day Tour British Columbia


Paddleboarding – Hourly Rental
$55/day single person kayak
$35/ half day (4hrs)

$75/day tandem kayak
$55/half day (4hrs)

$15/delivery and includes drop off and pick up (local deliveries at Vallecito free)